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Why is it important to wear sunglasses?

Around 20% of cataracts arise from consistent UV exposure. Yet, safeguarding your eyes is as simple as wearing sunglasses. Think of sunglasses as more than just a style statement; they shield your eyes from the Arizona sun's harmful ultraviolet rays (UV). At Advanced Vision & Achievement Center in Phoenix, AZ, Dr. Neha Amin LaCorte and Dr. Mary Hardy offer top-tier eye protection solutions, including stylish and protective sunglasses. To explore our range and learn about eye protection, schedule an appointment.

What Can I Expect When Getting Sunglasses?

Though UV rays are invisible to the naked eye, their potential damage is significant. UVC rays are filtered by the Earth's atmosphere, but UVA and UVB rays can lead to eye conditions, like cataracts, macular degeneration, pterygium, and photokeratitis.

At Advanced Vision & Achievement Center, Dr. Amin and Dr. Hardy present a diverse collection of sunglasses. Options range from prescription to nonprescription, clip-ons, and wraparounds that accommodate existing lenses. Additionally, we provide polarized sunglasses and those with light-responsive darkening lenses.

I got some awesome sunglasses and great reading glasses from Advanced Vision and Achievement center. They always take care of me. I'm in and out and glasses are there in no time. Been using them for more than 5 years and haven't found anyone else that takes care of my vision and me like them.

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Customized Vision Solutions

Don't let the sun's glare hold you back! Discover clarity and style with our range of prescription sunglasses, practical clip-ons, and snug wraparounds. Perfect for every outdoor enthusiast and style-conscious individual. Elevate your visual experience and make a style statement simultaneously. Visit Dr. Amin or Dr. Hardy at Advanced Vision & Achievement Center in Phoenix, AZ, and find the ideal eyewear solution tailored for you. Act now for a brighter, stylish view!

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