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Amblyopia (lazy eye) happens when poor eyesight causes the eye to wander inward or outward and prevents both eyes from working together.


Astigmatism occurs when the cornea or lens is shaped like an egg instead of completely round, causing light to refract incorrectly off the retina.

Binocular Vision Dysfunction

Experience relief from binocular vision dysfunction at Advanced Vision & Achievement Center in Phoenix, AZ. Schedule your consultation today!

Blurred Vision

Learn the sources, signs, and therapies for fuzzy vision, and take a step by booking a consultation in Phoenix, AZ.

Eye Strain

Strained eyes could lead to discomfort and eyesight problems, but learning about the causes and treatments can help ease the problems.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are an unpleasant concern that might affect people of all ages with a number of causes, symptoms, and therapies.


With no noticeable symptoms, glaucoma can hurt the eye's optic nerve and can lead to blind spots or total blindness without treatment.


Farsightedness, also known as hyperopia in medical settings, affects a person's ability to view objects, words, or pictures from a close distance.


Myopia, often referred to as nearsightedness, is a prevalent eye disorder making distant objects appear blurred to the affected individual.


Presbyopia is a widespread eye condition that typically develops with age, impacting many individuals, both men and women, over 40.

Red Eyes

If your eyes remain red or bloodshot for an extended period, it could result from allergies, eye injuries, or damaged blood vessels.
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