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What is Presbyopia?

As a man or woman arrives at the age of 40, their short-range eyesight typically begins to blur. This change in vision is called presbyopia, and it impacts the ability to focus on objects that are near the eyes. It is a completely normal, extremely routine part of the aging process. It happens because certain parts of our eyes start to lose flexibility as we age. Nearly everyone, even individuals who have had wonderful vision their entire lives, could begin to notice that they need to position medicine bottles or other items farther away to see them clearly. Some may also notice headaches or aching eyes from activities that never gave them issues previously. At their practice in Phoenix, AZ, optometrists Dr. Neha Amin LaCorte and Dr. Mary Hardy offer some great options to improve your eyesight if you have age-related vision problems. If you feel you are developing presbyopia, get an appointment at Advanced Vision & Achievement Center so we can help you maintain your clearest vision.

What are the Symptoms of presbyopia?

Older adults who have begun to be presbyopic will generally first notice that they can no longer see objects that are near the eyes as well as they used to. A tell-tale sign of age-related vision impairment is noticing you need to hold objects farther and farther away to be able to make them out. A further indication is suffering from headaches or eye fatigue after specific activities, such as sewing or using a mobile device, that previously did not cause them. Also quite common is the incorrect idea that reduced vision is caused by inadequate lighting. Presbyopia nearly always starts to develop at approximately 40 years of age, and if not treated properly, its symptoms can get worse.



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Blurriness in close-up vision, specifically in patients past 40 years old, is nearly always routine presbyopia. Presbyopia is a quite normal, age-related refractive error. It is extremely common and very manageable with prescription glasses or contacts. Dr. Amin and Dr. Hardy, our amazing optometrists at Advanced Vision & Achievement Center, can help you ditch the challenges of poor close-up vision. Contact us today at our Phoenix, AZ office for your full eye exam.

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