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What is Red Eye?

When the tiny blood vessels in the eye's white part (sclera) become inflamed or enlarged, the eyes may appear red or bloodshot. Red eye arises when the eyes get irritated, which can result from injuries, dry eyes, ruptured blood vessels, or infections. While not always a serious issue, seeking expert care is recommended. Dr. Neha Amin LaCorte and Dr. Mary Hardy, optometrists at Advanced Vision & Achievement Center in Phoenix, AZ, possess comprehensive knowledge of eye issues and can accurately diagnose and treat your red eye condition.

How is Red Eye Treated?

Your specific red eye treatment will be determined by its cause. Dr. Amin will diagnose the issue at the Advanced Vision & Achievement Center through a detailed eye examination. Based on the findings, a tailored treatment plan will be devised. Effective treatments often involve eye drops, antibiotic ointments, or antihistamines. You might also be advised to use home remedies, like applying a cold compress to your eye for about ten minutes several times a day. We are dedicated to helping you comprehend your condition and ensuring you receive the most suitable care.

This office is very knowledgeable and kind. They have helped my son's tremendously. Thank you Dr Amin and team!

L.T. Google

I love this place so much. I absolutely would recommend this place to anyone with vision care needs. Dr Hardy is collaborative and attentive to your needs. Clear communication is something you don't get at other vision care places but Dr Hardy is on it. They don't overprice contact lenses either! They've even helped me out when I received a defective lens. I cannot recommend Dr Hardy or the staff here enough. 11/10 service, affordability and care if I could rate it that way.

R.L. Google

I recently completed a series of vision therapy sessions with Advanced vision and achievement center. Thelma is my mentor for the eye exercises. From the outset, Thelma's friendliness and approachability set a comforting tone for the entire therapy process. Thelma's dedication to her work is evident in her meticulous attention to detail and her genuine concern for her patients' progress. She was incredibly supportive throughout the sessions, always available to assist and encourage me with each exercise. The individualized care and guidance provided by Thelma have made a significant difference in my vision. I have noticed a remarkable improvement in the coordination of my eyes, which has positively impacted my daily life. Dr. Forest and Thelma's contribution to my vision health has been invaluable, and I highly recommend their services to anyone considering vision therapy. Thank you for your exceptional care and for making such a positive difference in my life."

S.N. Google

Nice people nice place

J.R. Google

Hello, I'm very grateful for the care I've received from Dr. Amin and her staff. My vision has improved after a debilitating accident one year ago. Dr. Amin's expertise and guidance have helped me to make better progress than I imaged. It's been a long road to recovery, but I couldn't have done it without the team at Advanced Vision.

R. Google


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Soothe Irritated Eyes

Red eye may seem minor but can sometimes indicate a deeper issue. For a definitive assessment, consult Dr. Amin or Dr. Hardy at Advanced Vision & Achievement Center in Phoenix, AZ. We provide efficient red eye solutions to alleviate discomfort. If persistent red eyes plague you, reach out to our office promptly and secure the expert care you require.

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