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What is Amblyopia?

Amblyopia, commonly referred to as "lazy eye," arises when one eye progressively weakens compared to the other, typically due to a brain-related discrepancy. As this occurs, the brain might favor the stronger eye, potentially causing the weaker eye to drift. While it predominantly emerges in infants and young children, it can affect individuals of all ages. Early intervention can halt or even reverse amblyopia's progression. At Advanced Vision & Achievement Center, Dr. Neha Amin LaCorte and Dr. Mary Hardy provide various treatments to address and enhance the condition. Should you or your child exhibit symptoms of a lazy eye, reach out to our Phoenix, AZ office for a comprehensive consultation.

What are the causes and symptoms of amblyopia?

Amblyopia, often evident through an eye that drifts inward or outward, is characterized by eyes that don't coordinate effectively, diminished depth perception, frequent squinting or one-eye closure, and a noticeable head tilt. Other indicators can be unusual outcomes during vision screenings. However, amblyopia's true extent is sometimes harder to discern without a thorough eye evaluation. That's why comprehensive eye exams are especially crucial for youngsters between the ages of three and five.

This condition typically emerges from irregular early-life eye development, impacting the neural pathways that bridge the retina, a thin layer of tissue at the back of the eye, to the brain. As the weaker eye gradually conveys fewer visual signals, its combined function with the dominant eye deteriorates, causing the brain to neglect or override input from the weaker eye. Several factors can contribute to amblyopia's onset, such as imbalances in eye-positioning muscles, variations in vision clarity between the two eyes, and obstructions like cataracts in one eye. Being born prematurely or a smaller size at birth, possessing a family history of amblyopia, and certain developmental challenges can also heighten the risk. If not addressed in time, amblyopia has the potential to cause irreversible vision loss.

Dr Hardy is great. Explained every step of the visit, so kind and thorough. Staff is friendly and so helpful!

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Early Detection is the Key to Simplifying Amblyopia Treatment

If you suspect that you or your child might be showing symptoms of amblyopia, it's essential to reach out to Advanced Vision & Achievement Center in Phoenix, AZ. Early diagnosis of lazy eye can significantly simplify its correction. Delaying treatment, however, can make the condition more challenging to manage down the line. Upon determining the root cause of amblyopia, we'll devise a tailored treatment strategy to enhance your sight and rejuvenate the strength of the affected eye. Schedule a personalized consultation with Dr. Amin or Dr. Hardy today.

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