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What is a Sports Vision Exam?

Looking to up your game? Try sports vision testing at Advanced Vision & Achievement Center. Located in Phoenix, AZ, our renowned optometrists, Dr. Neha Amin LaCorte and Dr. Mary Hardy, offer comprehensive vision assessments tailored for athletes. These tests delve deeper than your typical eye exam, aiming to enhance visual capabilities and training efficiency. While regular eye exams are pivotal for maintaining eye health, sports vision testing focuses on vital aspects, such as hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and eye tracking. Let us guide you toward optimized performance through their sports vision expertise. Discover the benefits of sports vision testing by scheduling an appointment today.

What Can I Expect During Sports Vision Testing?

At Advanced Vision & Achievement Center in Phoenix, AZ, we provide a diverse range of vision tests tailored for athletes, aiming to analyze their visual skills and potential. Here are some of the tests we offer:

Snellen eye chart: This foundational test measures an athlete's clarity of vision. The Snellen chart consists of 11 rows of letters. During the evaluation, you'll be asked to read these letters from a distance of 20 feet, continuing until the letters are no longer distinguishable. Typically, the fourth line from the bottom denotes 20/20 vision, considered the benchmark for standard vision. If you can discern the tiniest letters on the chart, your vision is rated at 20/15. This means you can see at 20 feet what someone with regular 20/20 vision would need to be 15 feet away to discern.

Contrast sensitivity testing: This test involves identifying gray parallel stripes (or similar patterns) set against varying colored backdrops. As the test progresses, the background hues closely resemble the stripes' shades. A diminished contrast sensitivity can hamper an athlete's ability to track objects, especially in dim lighting.

Ocular alignment tests: Exams, like the Hirschberg test, are employed to evaluate the coordinated movement of your eyes. Using eye dominance tests, potential alignment issues are identified. These tests measure how your eyes focus on and drift away from a target, pinpointing the dominant eye. Such tests can also diagnose binocularity, a condition where one eye loses focus prematurely, leading to challenges in depth perception and visual synchrony.

Dr Hardy is great. Explained every step of the visit, so kind and thorough. Staff is friendly and so helpful!

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I’ve been seeing the doctors in this practice for over 10 years. The entire staff are always professional, courteous and friendly.

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Everyone is so nice and Dr. Hardy is amazing!

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Friendly and knowledgable staff. Dr Amin always takes the time to talk about my eye health. Love the selection of frames too.

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The Staff is Awsome! Everytime I go to get my sons or my eyes checked, we are always treated like Family!

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Boost Performance with a Sports Vision Exam

Most athletes only focus on vision when they notice a hindrance. Yet, optimal vision goes beyond basic sight. Book your sports vision exam with Dr. Amin or Dr. Hardy in Phoenix, AZ at Advanced Vision & Achievement Center. Our state-of-the-art equipment and methods ensure early detection and enhancement of visual skills crucial for sports.

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